Our experience is available to all the end users as well as our high-tech machines that provide an excellent production.

Join our ARV Restelli world-wide allows the most demanding customers to find a reliable partner and careful to go beyond the simple relationship between customers and supplier.


In 1955 Angelo Restelli founded the engineering company of ARV Restelli Company Limited. His experience encompassed many years of working with machines for handling cardboard packs and he used this experience with a passion and dedication to produce his own range of high quality machines.

The machines he designed and delivered included features such as a strong build quality, simple clean lines making them easy to service, changeover and maintain and the many and varied range of product infeeds he produced made the machines flexible enough to handle the demands of his many customers. He sold machines to such diverse industries as food, dairy, hardware, confectionery, Pharmaceutical and chemical and many of his machines are still operating to this day.

As always things change and in 2003 the company was passed over to Angelo’s sons. Training with their father and the position of the company in the world market allowed them to introduce new ideas and technology to the equipment and also to find new markets via engineering partners around the world. These partners are critical to ARV Restelli s.r.l. as they provide local market knowledge and personalised customer service and to assist with after sales supply of spare parts.

ARV realised the importance of customer and supplier association and by building a strong network of worldwide knowledgeable partners, the company and reference list will grow accordingly.

The success ARV Restelli is now enjoying, is due to the changes within the company, the dedication and professionalism of Angelo's sons and their people, along with the many customers who have continually purchased new machines from ARV Restelli s.r.l.

ARV in the world

Listing all Countries where ARV sold its machines, in over 60 years of activity, is not an easy thing.

ARV is the leader in cartoning of different kind of products: pasta, rice, paper towels, cookies, frozen food, bread sticks, fries and all that you can put in a cardboard box.

As we can see our systems are installed not only in Italy, but in various countries of the world.